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Communication Services Management

Communication Services (CS) portal enable DoD agencies to quickly respond to changes in mandated DoD policies, customer demand, and emerging technologies throughout their comm service enterprise. It ensures the capability to adapt improvements that allow continuous delivery of timely and quality comm services - such as intranet / internet connectivity, telephone, smartphone, cable TV, etc... Utilize CS Portal to provide superior performance, scalability, and lean organizational management with it's multiple enterprise applications; which includes comprehensive Digital experience apps for your customers, as well as, process-driven Service delivery apps for SRMO (service request mgmt. office), IT datacenter services, telecom service-providers and, all others associated with delivery of comm. services. The Intelligence reporting apps allow management to monitor, analyze, and optimize the performance of your communication services.

Sales and Marketing Intelligence

The outlet Sales and Marketing intelligence (SMI) portal allow product manufactures to gain additional insight into the sales and marketing strategies designed to maximize the revenue of their outlets. The SMI portal provide Sales associates with new outlet "Sales Leads" and, the capability to perform market analytics to gain a better understanding of how well all product brands are performing within their existing outlet territories. Executive management can monitor and analyze the performance of their regional sales associates, as well as, consolidate tracking the effectiveness of their various national sales strategies and promotions.

Optimal Fuel Supply Purchasing


The fuel sold at many retail and convenient stores like "Costco, Sam's Club, RaceTrac, Marathon, etc..." sell fuel that's purchased at volume prices from 3rd-party gas refinery companies. The "Best Business-Case" purchasing subsystem is an AI designed to assist in maximizing profit while, achieving the most competitive prices sold to customers at the pump. The Best Business-Case subsystem automates the execution of fuel purchasing transactions based on balancing the continuously evolving critical information of fuel prices on the daily exchange, refinery contract obligations, cost of business, and gas stations with critically low fuel reserves.

Customization and Staff Augmentation

ICE consulting and staff augmentation services help our clients to deploy lean digital enterprise management portals, as well as, manage the fluctuating skills and resource gaps in client software development opportunities. ICE has the capability to manage part of, or the entire application environment. Our consulting services can help you achieve success with industry and technical experience that accelerates the quality and speed to meet those aggressive project timelines.

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